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UPDATE (24May17) ▶ FoxNews commentator Sean Hannity announces his intent to temporarily suspend his comments on the Seth Rich murder until a future time as his network posts a strange and unorthodox retraction of earlier reports. What's up with that?
If you tend to believe that political exterminations are only common to dictatorships and totalitarian governments, then you may not choose to follow these revelations.

Speculation, of course, but the Seth Rich unsolved murder case since July 2016 is the possible story that will reveal the truth about several USA political mysteries: 1) The DNC hacking and Wikileaks connection; 2) the so-called Russian influence of the 2016 US Presidential election; 3) the alleged corruption of the Clinton Foundation.
In fact, this story may TRUMP any scandal in Washington, DC, at this time!

Here is a #SocialCurrentSee archive that gives account of events surrounding the mysterious death of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Many DNC loyalists will discount this stream of thought, but those with an open mind may wish to see the successful conclusion of this crime mystery.

Yes, it is a year later, but why is this alleged "botched robbery" case resulting in the death of a former DNC staffer still unsolved?  There appears to be speculation of new evidence in this case, mostly surrounding documented reports that victim Seth Rich had actually shared DNC information with Wikileaks. Notable is the fact that numerous organizations are now offering rewards leading to the arrest of the Seth Rich killer, but not one of those offers comes from the DNC. The incident further alarms because of reported coverups by high-ranking DC police authorities who asked detectives to stand down during their investigation. ▶archived to ALARMWORTH via @flipboard

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