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SocialCurrentSee®▶ #Brexit

SocialCurrentSee® ▶#Brexit* #ALTACITIES archive RT · @Storify — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) June 24, 2016


SocialCurrentSee®▶ #IRSScams

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SocialCurrentSee®▶ #I.R.S.Scams ('Dirty Dozen' archive) by #ALTACITIES@Storify: Beware and be aware! RT▶ — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) June 16, 2016
#SocialCurrentSee: The Twitter @Storify clip posted here is based on the hashtag #IRSScams, another term and social media moniker frequently archived in #ALTACITIES to offer fair warning about a major fraud that is circulating around the USA at this time.  
#IRSScamsisused in a variety of ways in the #SocialCurrentSee of social media, namely Twitter, but there is an obvious lack of awareness on topic because this particular scam has victimized some 1,500 people and stoled more than $2 million at the time of this post.
▶ As noted before on this site, #ALTACITIES is the web moniker designed to archive matters relating to com…

SocialCurrentSee® ▶ #ClintonFndn

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GiftWORTH  ▶ MyGovWatch
##SocialCurrentSee® ▶ #ClintonFoundation archive by #ALTACITIES® in @Storify — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) June 9, 2016 Caveat: The Twitter roll posted here is based on the hashtag #ClintonFoundation, but some of the content may need censoring for PG audiences since the moniker #ClintonFoundation, and of course, the Clintons themselves are not roundly applauded in all circles.  

▶ There is much speculation in the #SocialCurrentSee of this archive (and associated links) to indicate considerable angst about the #ClintonFoundation.  Generally, the arguments against the Foundation deal with the charge that more than 80% of funds raised are not being given to charitable causes.  However, clearly, that is not the case because the #ClintonFoundation acts as an operating foundation, not a true charitable foundation. What does that mean?  It mea…

#SocialCurrentSee®▶ #CLINTON (HRCM's *)

Even while the official end of the long USA primary season ends tomorrow (June 7) when the polls close and votes are counted in California, the final selection of a Democratic candidate for POTUS remains undecided.  In part, does that question remain open because of the lingering, unresolved trustworthy issues for the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton?  Here is a #SocialCurrentSee that attempts to explain.

* HRCM = Hillary Rodham Clinton Missives
#SocialCurrentSee®▶ #CLINTON (HRCM's *) #TRILOGY-GI ~ * Hillary Rodham Clinton's missives in a mess, as in emails... — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) June 6, 2016
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