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Leadership is not a title, it's a behavior

▶Posted in triplicate (a Trilogy) around these #ALTACITIES and our Flipboard magazines, the following #SocialCurrentSee archive is a timely sequel to the allied posts on our NEXTDOOR Trilogy message board.
The #ALTACITIESarchivedVIDEO clip (above), an important '#SocialCurrentSee' lecture courtesy of TEDx, was not intended for the management, board, or residents of common interest developments (aka HOAs), but the leadership theme might well apply in this location and any business enterprise, nonprofit or for-profit.

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Suspending legislative lawbreakers lone issue on CA June ballot

Posted in triplicate (a Trilogy) around these #ALTACITIES and our Flipboard archive is the following #SocialCurrentSeecontent that is a fitting precursor to the allied post on our NEXTDOOR Trilogy message board:

The June 7 California Primary will be mostly anticlimactic, as usual, to help determine the US candidates for president.  California just votes too late in the national election season. But there is a single ballot proposition that Golden State voters will use to decide whether some law-breaking legislators stay in office.

Proposition 50 would allow either house of the state legislature to suspend members — with or without pay — by a two-thirds vote. It comes in response to the cases of three state senators who faced legal troubles in 2014. Two of them were indicted facing various corruption charges. A third was convicted of perjury and voter fraud for lying about whether he lived inside his state Senate district or not.

One of the remarkable things about Proposition 50, an ef…

Monovision of Clinton Email Timeline

If the whole world doesn't know (regarding the latest of a long series of political controversies involving the Clinton family) democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is under federal investigation for the use of an unsecured private email server while working as Secretary of State. As rumors swirl about the FBI investigation and possible indictment of Clinton, more are becoming aware that she violated federal law, State Department protocol and many regulations governing record-keeping requirements. SOURCE ▶ Stefan Basil Molyneux is a Canadian blogger. Molyneux's areas of interest include anarcho-capitalism, secular ethics, libertarianism, cryptocurrencies, and familial relationships. Wikipedia

What is the Truth About The Hillary Clinton Email Controversy?

Given what this relatively obscure journalist and archivist reveals and documents in telling detail, how can the FBI and the US Justice Department not know these facts?

Bingo, bango, bongo or just BING

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Campaign 2016: Evangelical bloc back in play in S.C.

As 2016 race moves south, Trump faces battle for key voting bloc: blue-collar evangelicals — Frank Aquila (@FAquila) February 11, 2016 The stretch of US territory that extends essentially from central Oklahoma to the coastal shores of the Carolinas (aka the "northern tier" of Southern USA) is sometimes called the American Bible Belt, the home of millions of evangelicals who are not a singular, but a primary focus of the 2016 Campaign for US President. The fireworks start with next week's South Carolina Primary, a pivotal state in the early primaries. and then there is this ... 


Bill Cosby story is in VIMEO

@RalphCindrich@ALTALOMAN sees the twists and turns of Cosby justice just as strange as the #OJSimpson case — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) February 3, 2016ShameWorth is another archived #SocialCurrentSee production by #ALTACITIES

Cosby Lawyers Want the Court to Drop Sexual Assault Charges from Michael Foxworth on Vimeo.

William Henry "Bill" Cosby, Jr. is an American Actor, comedian, author, activist, TV show maker and singer Cosby's start in stand-up comedy began at the hungry i in San Francisco, and was followed by ...Wikipedia
Legal team argues in Pennsylvania court that sexual assault charges from 2004 incident should be dropped because DA declined to prosecute him in the past | STORY