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Political thoughts from antiquity forward (almost)

Has there been another time in history when there was more political division in the US?  The American Civil War?  Whether you are conservative, liberal, GOP, Democratic, Libertarian, or whatever your persuasion, you know that the political scene invokes more disagreement than real statesmanship and compromise.  And when it comes to the expression of views, everybody and anybody can be a political pundit by creating and hosting a URL.  Imagine what Ben Franklin could have done with today's technology?

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Top nations with the highest immigration rates

No conflict or debate with the USA borders is more contentious at this time than the issue of illegal immigration.  As Congress and President Obama seem so divided on a solution for the current crisis, the American populace shows a similar divide.

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Children of the Border Crisis

The story that won't go away:  Children of the Border Crisis.  Despite the urgency of the problem now occurring along the Mexican-USA border and within the large states (California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas) that are the locus of this crisis, the situation remains unsolved, but heavily analyzed.  President Obama has asked for $3.7 billion and Congress is showing reluctance to spend that much.  Meanwhile, someone is spending money to care for these kids.
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Road maps recommended for traveling the VA benefits road

In the USA, if there was a most significant lesson learned in the OBAMACARE rollout of these last few years, it is that average folks need a lot of help understanding and navigating the government bureaucracy. Self-instruction and navigation is not always advised.

And, of course, understanding the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is but one massive government program that requires lots of study and much fact-finding.  Another deals with navigating veterans benefits and the massive government division called the Veterans Administration. Some of the stories, clips, and links below provide a starting point ....

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