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 SoCal cities submit bids for Amazon's new headquarters ▶
Regarding this not-too-distant LATIMES report, most of us know how badly many Southern California cities (including Inland Empire locations) are coveting the winning bid to attract the billion-dollar enterprise,  But some accounts circulating social media now indicate that the three alleged finalists for the HQ plum are Atlanta, Austin, and Boston. Might this have something to do with the business and taxation environment in the tarnished Golden State? Thus we ask, will CA strikeout in the bid for ... Southern California cities submit bids for Amazon's new headquarters site ▶ * SCS = SocialCurrentSee ▶ http://socialcurrentsee.com ▶ ARCHIVE ▶ Who will be worthy? Numerous SoCal locations are seeking to attract the new second headquarters for Amazo…

45th★Worth ▶ #TrumpTue

Most of the secular press, aka "mainstream media" (MSM) will have a difficult time accepting, much less reporting the details in the content below. Not only does a majority of MSM not accept the 45th POTUS, they reject his very standing as a leader on the world stage. How does that explain the views of the so-called "religious right," evangelicals, and even devout, traditional Jews, many of whom see Donald J. Trump as a God-send?

The intersection of political matters with the spiritual is not a familiar or comfortable zone for most journalists and the media at large.  Very few accomplished reporters even work the religious beat, so the presence of a world leader who identifies on so many levels with those of faith (while he displays numerous human flaws) is a tough assignment for most journalists.

The key point that is usually missed in journalism in this regard is answered in the question: "What is the will of God in the affairs of man?"  History is …

Praetorians ▶ Boomer Legacy?

Praetorians ▶ Boomer Legacy? Has anyone noticed that most of the instigators and the cast of characters involved in the current investigative scandals in Washington, DC, have been long-time players in American governance? These are not rookies and neophytes. They come with a pedigree, a resume of considerable depth. According to a link below in this comment stream, "it has come to pass that we have latter-day Praetorian guards in the guise of law enforcement authorities within the U.S. Department of Justice, including the FBI. Their job, as they perceive it, is to protect administration officials from being charged with criminal malfeasance due to scandalous behavior. By doing so, they earn the gratitude and, therefore, the favor of their superiors. It doesn’t get more despicable than that."

Most Americans are not cognizant of praetorian forces with our democracy, but they exist and they are becoming more emboldened, as the accounts below would indicate.

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In the United States, the deep state is an alleged entity that coordinates efforts by government employees and others to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership. It has often been dismissed by numerous journalists and academics as a conspiracy theory. The term, which was originally used to refer to sophisticated shadow governments in countries like Turkey and post-Soviet Russia, has also been used in American political science to refer to entrenched government institutions wielding power, without necessarily implying a conspiracy. The term has been used in numerous published titles about the U.S. government written by, for example, Marc Ambinder, David W. Brown, Peter Dale Scott and Mike Lofgren. New York Times bestselling author of The Party Is Over delivers a no-holds-barred exposé of who really wields power in Washi…

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in·tro·spec·tion  the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes.
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Russian Roil ▶ FBI Informant Prelude

This week after Thanksgiving 2017 and the first few weeks of December promise to bring new revelations about the Russian collusion investigation as an FBI informant William Campbell comes forward. The lead reports on this story, mostly coming from TheHill, begin with this intro: "An FBI informant gathered extensive evidence during his six years undercover about a Russian plot to corner the American uranium market, ranging from corruption inside a U.S. nuclear transport company to Obama administration approvals that let Moscow buy and sell more atomic fuels, according to more than 5,000 pages of documents from the counterintelligence investigation." ▶ SOURCE MORE NEWS ON TOPIC View my Flipboard Magazine.

Pension Link ▶ California

Rapid development of Inland Empire communities?
Consider The Pensions Link! Many residents in the Temescal Valley are perplexed about the constant growth of this area, including traffic congestion that plagues the valley. Some believe the growth explosion has much to do with the attempts by local cities, counties, and other public entities to meet unfunded mandates for public employee pensions. Development provides perpetual revenues. The following data collection may underscore this theory. The pension obligations for local and state officials (most certainly including the state higher educational system) is astronomical. In fact, a search on TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA ▶ ▶ finds more than 1,000 records of real, raw data that is most worthy of this archive. Who in the California university system is most thankful for the state's most liberal pension plans, see TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA? ▶ If you live in the Inland Empire of Southern Califo…